Trigonella, a hugely powerful HNV fish meal bait.


Trigonella is an unusual name for a bait, which came about as they often do, during the baits long development stage. Trigonella is a genus from the family Fabaceae. The best known member, is the herb Fenugreek.


So no prizes for guessing one of the baits many components, but you maybe surprised to learn that the bait not only contains finely ground Fenugreek seeds, but that it also contains a very potent liquid derived from the famous carp catching herb. This, coupled with a freshwater crustacean flavour and a hint of garlic, gives the bait a very fishy, spicy and distinctive aroma. It really does stink!

The HNV base mix contains the finest quality LT94, Sardine and Anchovy, and CPSP90 fish meals, carefully balanced and blended together to form the backbone in the nutritional profile of the bait. These fish meals are balanced further with Rennet and Whey milk proteins, Krill meal and a superb yeast, along with several other ingredients to deliver the complete nutritional package.


A hefty 10% of the bait is made up by its awesome liquid package, the core of which is based around the stunning carp catching liquid Krill Hydrolysate. This high level of liquids, combined with the soluble ingredients in the base mix, means this bait really packs a mighty punch in the water, forcing huge amounts of carp attracting signals throughout the water column.

At the forefront of attraction in all our baits are amino acids, and the Trigonella is no exception. Boasting several ingredients fine tuned to give just the right free amino acid profile, you can stop looking for your next fish meal bait to rely on, you've just found it.....

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