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The Musselberry

At Beechwood Baits we currently supply The Musselberry as a fresh freezer bait boilie in 14mm, 16mm and 18mm sizes. We can also supply a full range of accompanying products to give you ultimate flexibility in your angling approach!

So what’s it all about? We wanted to create something with a clear aim, as with all our baits. With The Musselberry we wanted to create a super high quality, full on HNV milk protein boilie, specifically with no fishmeal involved in the base mix for year round use. That may sound strange as fishmeal is, without question, a fantastic base for a bait. However with its obvious qualities comes a trade off, popularity. So we wanted to create something to give anglers a true option when the aim is to be different from the norm, to stand out from the crowd.


Milk proteins have long been known for their fish catching abilities, which are as true today as they have ever been. We spent a long time pouring over spreadsheets to balance the amino acid profile of this bait, which paid of in the end as we now have a bait that is an extremely close match to the carps amino acid dietary requirement.

The M1

M1 Seed Element

Using only the finest high quality milk protein fractions available we are able to keep the oil content at desired levels with balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, ensuring the bait can be used effectively all year round. We also spent an equal amount of time and effort on balancing the vitamin content of the bait. Using some ingredients that wouldn’t at first be obvious to some to garnish the bait with an outstanding vitamin and mineral content.


Taking this one step further, we also boosted some amino acid, vitamin and mineral levels to maximise the baits effectiveness, capitalising on nutritional deficiencies carp are prone to suffering from. We did this whilst being acutely aware of nutrients carp are particularly attracted to, and again capitalised on it. The bait benefits from an attractor package blended in-house at Beechwood Baits, which we worked extremely hard on to find levels that gave excellent long and short range attraction. We have also developed the bait to give a localised pH shift in the water, a key element carp utilise to find food.


The Musselberry also benefits from having its own purpose designed and developed seed element. What you could term the birdfood portion of the bait. Birdfood has long been used for its carp catching abilities, however at Beechwood Baits we've gone one further and created our own. We call it the M1, it marries perfectly up to the bait, completing and complimenting the nutritional profile. The real bonus is that creating our own means we can include ingredients never before seen in birdfeeds, in whatever quantities we want to. This has given us full control over the seed element, and gives the bait a real edge.

A key stage with any boilie is the cooking stage, and once we'd got the nutritional profile we wanted for The Musselberry, be spent a long time adjusting certain elements and processes to reduce boiling times to the absolute minimum, whilst ensuring the bait remains cooked right through. We favour boiling over steaming at Beechwood Baits, even though steaming can be easier, the temperatures and length of time nutrients are exposed to heat is massively increased over boiling, two nutrient damaging factors we work hard to avoid exposing our baits to.


Finally, we have also developed an accompanying soak to compliment the baits attraction from its outstanding base, and ensure the outer coating is packed with further attractors and feeding simulators. This soak will be available for anglers to use in their own creative ways, but be aware, it is very potent!


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