Match Range

Match Range

At Beechwood Baits, we dont just supply baits that catch big carp, we also supply baits for all forms of fishing!


From pleasure to match, from bream to barbel, we have it all for you.



Trigonella 10mm's

These awesome little hook baits come in two options, 10mm round, or 10x8mm barrels. They pack the same mighty Trigonella punch, only in a smaller shape and size. These have accounted for numerous red letter days simply mounted on a bayonet hair stop.


Designed to be the ultimate Pellet Waggler hook bait, this bait more than lived upto expectations! We set out to make a hook bait to identically mimic pellets falling through the water. Normally hook baits fall quicker due to the hook and end tackle attached to them, so we've altered the density of these to give them a really slow sink rate, massively increasing the chance of a take. This took a long time in development, but the results are outstanding!

We also 'super boosted' them to ensure they kick off masses of signals the moment they enter the water. The shape is also carefully constructed to give maximum range and accuracy if you fire them out with a catapult.


They absolutely excel when pellet waggler fishing, and theyre also outstanding barbel baits too!!

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