At Beechwood Baits we currently supply The Musselberry, Excelsor, Aurora and Trigonella as fresh freezer bait. We also supply all accompanying products for these awesome baits! Popups, Hard Hookers, Stick Mix, Adjusta Plugs, Matching Pellet, Cork Dust Wafters and Popups, Glugs, Soaks, Flavour blends and more!

The Musselberry - an awesome all season HNV milk protein bait. There is nothing else like it!

Excelsor - HNV milk protein based bait, aimed at cold water winter carping, but equally at home during year round use. Its simply sublime banana/nut aroma is to die for!

Aurora - Fast acting supremely attractive red fishmeal HNV bait, with a powerful squid label.

Trigonella - a hugely powerful HNV fish meal bait. You can stop looking for your next fish meal bait to rely on, you've just found it.....

FEED+X - an extremely versatile HNV bait, delivering you confidence through options!

The Musselberry

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