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FEED+X is a concept designed to give anglers ‘confidence through options’. It’s a powerful, fully balanced HNV bait that we’ve specifically designed to have a straight forward yet highly attractive basemix and liquid foundation.

We developed the bait after we received prolonged demand to produce a true HNV bait that is cost effective for fishery owners to feed in volume to their fish. The aim was to make something the fish would recognise, find attractive to eat, highly palatable and importantly highly nutritious. Being known for our HNV baits, we’ve been asked many times to produce a bait to this spec in the past. However, we have never wanted to produce a bait ‘to a cost’, we always develop our baits to be as accomplished at catching fish as possible, with no other agenda, so until now we have always graciously declined the challenge. Then, eventually their came one call too many, and we couldn’t ignore the demand any longer, and we set about creating what we now know as FEED+X.

The fishmeal based bait contains 18 different ingredients; including LT94, CPSP90, Rennet Casein, Krill and Cell Yeast, to name but a few of the more well known.

So the FEED bit is pretty self-explanatory given the baits roots, but what is the ‘+X’ all about? The FEED+X is designed to give anglers almost unlimited options regarding the baits flavour label. With the baits core attraction coming from its fishmeal basemix, we designed the ‘straight’ bait to include no flavour what so ever, and as a result it has a nice rounded fishy aroma, which is lovely just as it is. However, we wanted to give anglers more, so we developed the bait to take on flavours should anglers want them included, and as such the FEED+X range can be purchased in an almost endless array of flavour options such as; Squid and Octopus, Mulberry Florentine, Strawberry, Monster Crab, Crayfish, Banana, Chocolate Malt, Bloodworm, Squid, Cranberry and many more.


What’s more, we wanted to offer an additional edge, so along with the FEED+X we have also brought you our 50ml flavour ‘Squirts’, enough flavour for 5-10kg of bait, depending on how much you want to add. Simply squirt evenly onto fresh baits, freeze and leave. When they defrost the baits will draw in your chosen flavour and take on the label brilliantly, totally changing its label. So you can now buy 10kg of bait, keep it fresh frozen and have a different flavour on it each trip.

The same powerful basemix for the fish to latch onto and associate with the nutrition they need, yet endless flavour options to keep them guessing and your confidence high!

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