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Designed with winter in mind, this bait is destined to change anglers perception of cold water carping! Containing a high level of natural ingredients, in their raw, plus highly concentrated forms, this bait is absolutely packed to the rafters with attraction and feed triggering properties.


Based on a finely balanced HNV foundation made up of only the highest quality refined milk proteins available, the Excelsor is also quite a ‘lively’ bait. Containing lots of natural sugars, enzymes, Pectins and other digestive aids, all working in unison, and leading to some powerful effects, ensuring the fish gain maximum benefit from the bait, and creating positive nutritional imprints when consumed.

The liquid attractor package on the bait is quite simply sublime! The combination of the blended liquids, combined with a carefully selected range of nuts, including tigers and brazils, along with a few others, gives the finished bait a super smooth, creamy, nutty, banana aroma, that’s to die for! The liquids have also been chosen to give lasting short and long range attraction to the bait, throughout the cold water column.


Sitting alongside the outstanding nutritional properties of the bait, is a hefty portion of super high quality soluble ingredients, key of these being Hydrolysed Whey protein, and selected fruit additives all kicking out masses of amino acids and natural attraction!


Beechwood Baits Field Consultant Damion Braund has been instrumental in the baits conception, design and development. Working alongside Gav, the duo spent many months with the bait on paper before it was brought into life, perfecting the nutritional profile, attractor package, solubility and all the key elements that make a great bait. Once eventually brought into the real world, the bait went from strength to strength, catching masses of fish while going through its testing, adjusting, further development and final refinement stages.

Its sublime in every aspect!


Excelsor - Set to change anglers perceptions of winter carping!


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