Custom Bait

Custom Bait


If you've always wanted to have a bait made up to your exact specification, why not give us a call or drop us an email with what your after? We offer a full bespoke bait service, and can custom make almost anything you want, to almost any specification you require:

  • Specialist flavour or flavour blend
  • Full HNV, food source or attractor style bait
  • Special size or shape
  • Certain ingredients you want included, and levels you want them included at
  • High or low solubility
  • Buoyancy of the bait
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Breakdown time


The possibilities really are endless, so give us a call, and get your own tailor made edge!

Excelsor bottom baits in custom colours
Custom coated hard hook baits
Wafter bottom baits with matching popups
Custom popups
Custom boosted popups in custom colours

Let your imagination run wild!

Full custom bait, specific flavour blend and solubility spec
Custom shape and colour popups

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