Aurora Description

What we created is a really attractive, fully balanced, nutritious and very recognisable bait, crammed with top quality Krill Meal and Krill Hydrolysate, and capped off with a powerful Squid flavour blend with sweet undertones.


The bait is supremely attractive, and fish show a significant preference to it over other food items. We've caught fish that are literally spewing out naturals on the bait, such is its pulling power!


This is a seriously awesome day ticket water bait!


Available in 14,16 or 18mm sizes, with a full compliment of supporting produts in the range, as with all our baits.


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Aurora, the Northern Lights are lit!


Designed specifically for a popular day ticket venue in the Northwest, this bait needed to tick a few boxes; Full HNV properties, high solubility, high levels of Krill, highly attractive, and be a red fishmeal bait. Being well know for our passion for HNV style baits, this project was right up our street!


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