Meet The Team

Meet Team Beechwood Baits!

Barry Smith - Video Bio

Promotions Manager - YouTube Channel

With a passion for angling that started at the age of 10, fishing the bridgewater canal in Runcorn, the Liverpool parks such as Sefton, Princess and Greenback Park, Barry cut his teeth with rod and line for anything he could catch. He eventually settled on match style fishing of fishing, and his "go to" methods are pellet waggled / bomb and pellet.


He gets huge satisfaction from helping others on the bank, so if you see him out fishing, say hello, he's even happy to share his tips and tricks with you!


Check out Barrys blog - 'Fishing on the Edge!'


Lee Colford

Media Manager - YouTube Channel

Lee has a current PB of 34lb taken from a local canal. Lee favours canal venue's, enjoying the relative low pressure and peace and quiet they can offer. With three daughters Lee's a family man, and tailors his angling time to short sessions where he likes to stay mobile when chasing his quarry!

Brian Coakley - Video Bio

Sponsored Angler - YouTube Channel


Brian has fished since the tender age of 8, brought up on local waters such as The Bridgewater canal, Town park lake and Weston angling waters. As time progessed he started fishing further into the North West, and lapped up the abundant opportunities the region has to offer. A match fisherman at heart, Brian will always set up pole, feeder and waggler, and so long as it's a fish on the other end, he's a happy man.


In Brian's own words; 'Im very approachable and usually have a spare cup and some coffee if anyone fancies a chat on the bank' so if you see him out and about, take him up on the offer and have a natter!


Check out Brians Blog - 'Its a pleasure!'

Stewart Rusling - Video Bio

Youth Team Co-ordinator

Stewart is a real all round angler, having done everything from Sea, to Fly, to carp and match style fishing! He has a particular passion for the carp, and is currently doing rather well on all the match style venues he's visiting.


He also does a lot of stuff with the Fishing In The Northwest guys, angling really is in his blood!

Neil Thomas

Sponsored Angler


With over 30 years angling experiance, Neil has racked up big carp from all over Europe, including the UK, France, Belgium and Holland! Along with enjoying traveling for his fish, Neil also fishes lots of his local venues, including some real tough waters, where as we all know the rewards are awesome! Neil is passionate about working proactively within the team and getting his teeth into the bait side of things, and having recently started a family, its all systems go for Neil!

Anthony Tolley

Sponsored Angler


Anthony joins us as a Sponsored Angler, hailing from Wolverhampton. He's been fishing for over 30 years, dedicating the last decade to targeting carp. Anthony fishes mainly day ticket waters all over the UK, where he's accounted for some cracking fish to over 30lb. Since joining the team Ant has also taken a lake record mirror on The Musselberry, pictured here!

Adam Bowen - Video Bio

Sponsored Angler


Adam has a huge depth of experiance, fishing for all course species for over 25years. He also runs the very successful web site (go check them out, awseome web site full of information!). He fishes a vast array of waters all over the North West and beyond, with a passion for flowing water he enjoys; The Trent, Severn, Dee, Ribble, Dane, Weaver and Mersey!


Mat Auld

Sponsored Angler


Matty has been using baits in The Musselberry range as his weapons of choice for some time now. All that time he's been consistently banking fish from waters he visits up and down the country! Straight talking, fun loving, throughly nice chap, and a great angler too!

Steven Schofield

Sponsored Angler


A long time user of Beechwood Baits products, Steven has also commissioned custom baits with us, and put them to very good use alomst emptying his local water on a weekly basis! Ste likes fishing day ticket waters around the North West, and particularly enjoys fishing year round, when some hang the rods up, he gets out even more often!

Simon Jackson

Sponsored Angler


Jacko's been fishing since he was a small lad, when his uncle use to take him and his cousin on the rivers, mastering water craft. Moving onto carp fishing at 15, he regularly caught 100lb+ every weekend, of carp up-to around 14lb. Jacko held a lake record for 7 years at 35lb 8oz on his local water. He also likes to travel to France a couple of times a year, always doing well with a PB currently standing at 56lb+.

Andrew Grover - Video Bio

Sponsored Angler


Andy is carp mad, no other way to desctibe him. He's the driving force behind the Carpmonsters team, pairing himself with John, the lads are on a mission and are regulars on the World Carp Masters events. They have Beechwood backing all the way, and beyond!!

Harry O'Neill

Sponsored Angler



Harry loves to be mobile on the bank, moving at any opportunity that requires it to get into the fish, sitting and blanking isn't on his agenda.


Though young in years, he's proficient in all aspects of the sport; equally happy to fish bottom baits, popups or zigs, whatever the fish want to take, Harry will snare them!

Liam Watts - Video Bio

Sponsored Angler


The team at Beechwood Baits is super important to us, it's the life blood in everything we do. Liam has been a friend of ours for some time now, and as we've become closer it's ever more apparent that he has some valuable attributes, not least of which is his attitude to his fishing, that we felt would add a new dimension to the team.


A brilliant angler, with an enormous amount of passion!

Denis Ryan - Video Bio

Sponsored Angler


Having spent the best part of three decades exploring waters all over France, Denis has an amazing depth of knowlege of fishing on the continent.


Making the journey over several times a year, hes got no plans on stopping any time soon!

Brad Walker

Sponsored Angler


Brad fishes a variety of waters located around the Widnes, Runcorn and Warrington areas.


Taking the traditional route, Brad started out under his dads wing, fishing for silvers. However, from the moment he was handed a carp rod, he's never looked back since, he's well and trully hooked!

Jonathan Wells

Sponsored Angler


Jonathan fishes a number of waters dotted around the North West, and has big plans to fish many more!


Having recently welcomed his son into the world, Jonathan has his hands full as all new parents do. Now things are settling in and sleep is gradually becoming the norm again, Jonathan is eager to get on the banks even more than ever!


John Warden

Sponsored Angler


One half of 'Carpmonsters' along with Andrew Grover, John is a big fish tournament angler. Having twice entered the World Carp Masters with Andy, the pair have high ambitions!

Steven Doherty

Sponsored Angler


When applying to join Team Beechwood, Steven sited having 'The chance to be a leader in carp fishing in Ireland, and to bring the sport on in this country, to help it grow. I want us to have the best bait we can get, not only to help people catch, but also to help the fish grow bigger'. That ethos fits perfectly with Beechwoods, 'Get more out of what you put in'!


Steven enjoys great success on his home soil in Ireland, and on his regular trips over to France!

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