Beechwood Baits Ltd is a family run fishing bait business based in the North West of the UK. Specializing in high quality HNV food bait boilies, designed and built to catch carp from the off, long term. Each bait is meticulously designed and tested, with carp nutrition a key factor along with attraction, palatability, digestibility and longevity. We design each bait around a goal, and stick to it. This ensures we produce baits specifically designed for applications, allowing them to excel. We're a friendly bunch, so give us a call, or send us a message if you have any questions, we'd be glad to help.

Gavin Astley - Founder, and out and out angling and bait enthusiast - Video Bio


Fishing has been a passion of mine my since childhood, and remains as strong in my blood today as the first day I cast a line. Starting out on small streams and brooks catching trout, moving onto larger rivers and lakes for all species after a couple of years. My fishing career has been of the traditional route, catching small perch and roach. Tench also fascinated me and catching 2-3lb fish kept me happy all summer long. On discovering that the lake I fished when I was 13 years old held some nice crucian carp, I set about my first specimen hunt. I remember vividly catching perch, roach, tench and bream all day long. Then, just before sunset tactics would change as the time for crucian carp came into view. A large lump of bread flake fished 3 inches over depth with a very, very finely shotted float was the way to go I discovered. Remembering back to the sight of the float sailing so easily away into the depths still sends shivers down my spine!

Since those days my passion has remained and grown in intensity, and I like to set my sights on challenges more than ever. Bait is a massive part of my strategy, I don't overcomplicate much in my fishing, preferring to keep everything simple, correct and safe. However, bait is something I take an amazing amount of interest in and constantly strive to perfect. Having studied environmental science at university level has given me a real boost in understanding the biology, chemisty and nutritional aspecs of bait and its development.

Holly with a 14lb Mirror

Holly Astley - Long suffering wife who now catches more than her fair share - Video Bio


After spending more than ten years in Gav's company it was inevitable that I would sooner or later become involved in fishing. Gav essentially gave me a 'fast track' into the world of big fish angling. We started off pole fishing for perch, roach and skimmer bream, eventually moving onto commercial waters after small carp, tench and the occasional barbel. Now some 6 years into my fishing career I have caught carp to just under 20lb, and catfish to just under 50lb. Along with the fishing, and along with all other true anglers, I love the natural world fishing opens up. From being up and on the way to the lake early morning and enjoying the dawn chorus, to watching the sun set over a glass clear lake angling has truly offered me some magical moments. One of my favorite so far has to be trawling for Marlin in Hawaii on our honey moon. We didn't catch anything, but cruising around the islands amongst some truly breath taking scenery and stunning wildlife, was a moment to treasure!

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